Established in 1941 and affectionately known as town masjid, was the humble start of Middelburg's muslim community. Renamed to Masjid Al Awwal in 2013 reminds us of our first masjid. With the group areas act being implemented majority of the muslim community were relocated resulting in a need for an adequate prayer facility closer to home. A musallah and maktab was established on Wicht street Eastdene.

With an influx of various professionals into the mining and corporate sector the musallah required expansion and hence an application was made for adjacent land. Alhamdulillah Masjid Al Salaam was established in 1998.  With the migration of various nationalities of muslims from across the globe a second phase was commissioned in 2013 to expand  Masjid Al Salaam.
Currently housing 3 hifdh classes as well as various programmes during the day for ladies and evenings for men. A need to document programme content was made available giving rise to  WWW.MIDDELBURGMUSLIMS.CO.ZA.  With a 24 hour control room and state of the art recording and media storage any content can be made available almost immediately.
Satellite facilities are Masjid Uthmaan in Mhluzi and a musallah in Nazareth . Other masjid sites have been earmarked due to our muslim community diversifying into various other residential areas in Middelburg.